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"Crystal, vertical accent in glass and steel”

The fountain-sculpture in glass and steel for Sergel Square in Stockholm was the result of a competition for a sculptural focus in the city’s cen-ter.
In the opinion of the jury Öhrström’s suggestion has a richly faceted and varied sculptural form and represents a clear, constructive concept. The proportions in relation to the place are cogent and the sculpture constitutes an accentuated axis for the entire city area.
Together, the sculpture and the play of water form a powerful composition, and the material, glass and steel, makes a good impression both close up and at a distance.
Arne Törnqvist, art critic for the daily newspaper “Stockholms Tidningen,” wrote: “Öhrström’s massive yet bouyant monolith is persuasive. With its height of 37.5 meters it serves as an effective vertical contrast to the horizontal buildings around it. The forms wedged into one another seem to be held together by a magnet inside the sculpture. The prismatic crystals in glass and steel glisten with an unsentimental, hard strength which can compete with the commercial, down-to-earth energy that marks the surround-ing architecture.
Perhaps the best and most original quality in this work is its ability to harmonize with the expres-sive values of a modern mercantile milieu while still retaining a rough, virile force which can act as a link between the glass and sheet-metal of the buildings and the image of a piece of veined ore. In the unhesitating and triumphant vigor it lacks any trace of wordly polish and technological sexlessness. ”
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